Your body deserves the same amount of care and concern as does your face. Our body treatments are an extension of our carefully curated skin solutions that tackle issues with the help of latest techniques and equipment. So, whether it’s figure correction, mole removal, or stretch marks reduction, all you need to do is sit back and let our experts take care
of the rest.

Duration: 60 | 90 mins

Stretch Marks Removal

We employ two of the most effective methods for skin regeneration to help combat stretch marks. By combining lasers and microneedling we stimulate collagen production in your skin. Increased collagen and elastin reduces the appearance of stretch marks considerably and also improves your skin.


Stretch marks reduction

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Wart, Corn, Mole Removal

While warts and moles can be either harmful or benign, they sure are something you’re better off without. Rid yourself of unsightly warts, moles, and corns with our highly effective radio cautery procedure. The treatment ensures there’s no recurrence and is significantly more successful than other methods.

Radio Cautery

Enhanced healing

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Boost your intimate life, and your confidence, with the painless, minimally invasive yet highly effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It helps stimulate collagen production and re-tighten the vaginal tissue and improve elasticity. We use high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for the procedure which is significantly more effective than lasers or radio frequency.


Vaginal tightening

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Body Polish

We are going green and chemical free with our body polish and scrubs. According to your skin type, we create a blend of ingredients to put together the perfect body scrub for your skin needs. Imagine soft yet firm exfoliation that relaxes and restores your skin with its original shine.Rest assured you will leave feeling recharged and rejuvenated!

Sea salt

Skin smoothening

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Life isn’t flawless
but your skin can be.

Perfection is a myth and your skin, like everything else, is a work in progress. We help you bring out its best version.

Figure Correction with HIFU

The HIFU technique combats skin issues by providing the required lift to a targeted area. This treatment is ideal for providing lift to the sagging skin caused by ageing as well as to problem areas like abdomen, arms or breast.


Skin tightening

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Body Peels

Our peels will gently exfoliate the first layer of your skin to reveal a newer and younger looking skin underneath. Our experts select ingredients based on your skin type to form a peel best suited to your skin to ensure best results.

Fruit acids

Skin exfoliation

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Laser Glow

Looking for something to reverse skin damage caused due to the sun or age? We have just the anti-ageing solution for you. A quick and gentle way of dealing with skin imperfections caused by the sun is a simple laser therapy. We use light pulses to smoothen your complexion and restore its natural glow minus the damage!

Laser machine

Tan removal

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Figure Correction with Cool Sculpting

Freeze fat cells and achieve the sculpted look you dream of, the non-surgical way. With the revolutionary Cool Sculpting technique, we freeze up to 30% fat cells in areas like the abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, lower back, and double chin in the span of 1-2 sittings. No surgery, no downtime, only visible results!

Cool sculpting

Fat loss

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