Signs of ageing are natural but so is the desire to look, and feel, good. With our 100% safe and harmless injectable procedures, we provide you with just that – a gateway to instantly look and feel your very best.

At The Wedding Clinic, we offer two types of injectables mainly – Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Both have their own benefits and are used for treatments across various problem areas. Speak to our dermatologist to understand your needs and options better.

Duration: 60 | 90 mins


Botox targets expressions lines such as crow’s feet, jowls, frown lines, neck lines, and lines around the mouth along with conditions like hyperhidrosis, chin dimpling and more. Our skin managers inject a toxin into your muscles to reduce activity which leads to gradual removal of facial lines. Over a period of 8-10 months, you will notice an absence of wrinkles, lines and signs of ageing. So you can express, minus the stress!

Botulinum Toxin

Instant face lift

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Thread Lift

Here is a perfect solution against facial aging and prolonged solar exposure for those who don’t prefer needles. Trust in our skin experts to lift and suspend sagging muscles using special threads. This is a safe and ideal procedure targeting loose muscles around the cheeks, jaw line, forehead, and neck, especially to combat frown lines, smoker lines, double chin, under eye bags, and wrinkles. The best part? Instant results!

Special sutures

Non-surgical face lift

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Acne Scar & Open Pore Treatments

Microneedling is the technique used to puncture skin and cause physical trauma using a dermapen. This trauma prompts the deeper layer of skin to rebuild. It helps in collagen induction, scar healing & skin tightening. The skin is then infused with serum which rejuvenates and improves skin health from inside while reducing acne scars, burns, and lines on the outside.

Scar reduction

Instant face lift

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PRP ‘Vampire’ Facial

The only scary thing about this facial is the ease with which you get such glowing results. After carefully cleansing and prepping your skin, our skin managers will inject growth factors from your plasma into your face to stimulate collagen and make your skin smoother and clearer. Rest assured our experts won’t let you feel anything more than a prick; a tiny sacrifice for skin that’s never looked so good!

Blood platelets

Increased collagen

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Ageing is like fine wine,
worth the effort and time.

Don’t let the effects of ageing get you down. Keep the wisdom and lose the wrinkles with our virtually painless injectable solutions.

Dermal Filler

Our Dermal filler procedure helps plump any area you want to correct or augment. It is a semi-permanent treatment that can be moulded as per your aesthetic requirement. So, whether it’s lip enhancement, chin enhancement, under eye hollow rectification, jaw definition, face sculpting, nose reshaping, décolletage rejuvenation, or simply make your lips pouty, we are here to help!

Hyaluronic Acid

Skin plumping

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Meso Glow

Meso Glow is a holistic treatment that activates your
skin’s natural wound healing process which in turn rejuvenates it and wards of signs of ageing. Small
amounts of essential antioxidants and amino acids are safely injected into specific areas resulting in facial rejuvenation, anti-ageing, and an even skin tone that’s visiblealmost immediately.


Facial rejuvenation

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