Our signature chemical peels contain alpha hydroxy & beta hydroxy acids that activate skin cell regeneration via a deeply relaxing and controlled exfoliation that helps remove the dead cell layer, leaving behind supple skin that’s smooth to touch.

Tell us your skin woes and let us guide you to the best chemical peel for your skin type.

Duration: 30 | 60 mins

Acne Combat Peel

Clear out skin impurities, reduce oiliness, and shrink pores, all with one chemical peel. Our anti-acne peel prevents outbreaks by resolving the root cause for pimples. Letting you be your fabulous, acne-free self on your big day!

Salicylic Acid

Acne Relief

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Yellow Peel

This is a Retinol infused peel that is equally skin brightening as it is pigment reducing. Combined with a gentle massage for deeper penetration, it will leave your skin soft, supple, and luminous.


Brightens skin

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Dark Circle Defence Peel

Irregular sleep cycles and stress are the major reason for dark circles. With our Dark Circle peel, we have created the best chemical peel for dark circles. Derived from plant carbohydrates, this is a gentle peel which will eliminate your dark circles by improving hyper-pigmentation.

Plant-based carbs

Lightens dark circles

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De-tan Peel

Reclaim your original complexion from the effects of suntan and reverse skin damage with our de-tan chemical peel. Concocted with a blend of skin brightening ingredients, it visibly reduces tan marks & sun spots and gently eradicates the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin.

Bitter almond


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Brightness Boost Peel

Boost your skin’s immunity with our skin brightening chemical peel. Containing Glutathione, this peel provides the nourishment your skin is lacking. Revive your natural glow, heal your complexion, and protect it from skin damage. This peel is great for skin care beginners as it is a preventive and restorative skin treatment.


Brightens skin

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Cosmelan Peel

Extended periods of sun exposure often results in fine lines and skin discolouration. Our sun damage rectifying chemical face peel is the perfect answer to this problem.It follows a deep skin resurfacing technique that reverses the harmful effects of the sun on your skin and helps restore your radiance.

21 medicinals

Reverses sun damage

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Anti-Ageing Peel

This peel stimulates collagen formation and helps your skin’s youthful appearance stand the test of time. It includes a skin polishing routine that uses enhanced crystals to exfoliate skin and improve blood circulation. It eliminates dead skin and leaves you with healthy glowing skin.

Milk extracts

Reduces fine lines

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Peels are makeovers
for your skin

Infused with the very best, our peels are the solution, no matter what’s the skin problem. Talk to us to find the peel that’s perfect for you.

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Pre-Party Pick-Me-Up Peel

Our pre-party peel is a shot of instant glow that will have your skin looking party-ready and glamorous in no time. Filled with the goodness of Vitamin C, this peel is great for your skin and needs to be part of your pre-party prep.

Vitamin C

Quick Pre Party Glow

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Collagen Boost Peel

Enhanced with the power of Retinol, this collagen inducing peel increases your skin’s natural collagen production and tackles fine lines and roughness. Leaving your skin visibly smooth and firm like never before.


Enhances collagen

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Lip Lustre Peel

Cracked lips that just won’t heal no matter how much petroleum jelly you apply?
The Lip Lustre peel is the perfect solution to dry, chapped, and discoloured lips, this lip peel keeps your lips hydrated and healthy.

Fruit acids

Hydrates, pigments lips

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Dermaplaning is best suited for fine baby hair removal and works wonders on light or bleached hair. Along with hair removal, it mildly exfoliates the dead skin layer. After exfoliation, the skin is infused with vitamins for a soft & supple texture.

Vitamin C

Baby hair removal

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