9 things to do this lockdown

Jul 2, 2021 | Blog

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!

Lockdown has been imposed once again in various states all across India. The cases are rising by the day, and with them is the trauma, pain and suffering. Life is getting increasingly difficult as we stay in, but it’s worth it! Staying home will help us stay safe and healthy. Staying home will reduce the cases and slowly stop this pandemic.
For all of us who have taken the right decision to not step out except for essentials, here’s what you can do to help yourself stay emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.

  1. Open your windows and let some of that fresh air in every morning. It will invigorate you and reduce some of the cabin fever.
  2. Stick to a routine. It’s easy to forget everything when you’re at home in a bubble. But for the sake of your mental health, make yourself a timetable to follow. Wake up every day during the same window of time, freshen up and change your clothes, sit to work/read/do a leisure activity, eat at the same time and go to bed at the same time. On weekends, you can avoid the routine just like you normally would.
  3. Disconnect physically but connect virtually. Regularly check in with your family and friends. Talk to them over the phone or email and plan virtual activities based on shared interests.
  4. Staying in doesn’t mean that you can forget all about your physical health. Exercise indoors – you can jog on the spot, walk around the house for 20 minutes, do some squats or even opt for virtual yoga/Zumba sessions.
  5. We agree that staying indoors means nobody gets to see you but let’s not make that an excuse for not taking care of our skin. Get some sunshine (Vitamin D) every morning. Don’t forget to wash and regularly exfoliate your face. Create a nighttime skincare routine to follow. Try some DIY skin hacks you can do at home.
  6. The same goes for your hair. You might be indoors, but your hair will still have build-up. Occasionally using hair masks and at-home hair care tricks can do wonders. Besides, imagine the post- lockdown glow-up if you take care of your skin, hair and body well!
  7. Eat right! Your immune system needs to be at its best to fight off the pandemic. Eating well also helps your skin improve. So eat healthy food and watch as your body thanks you.
  8. Keep an eye out for any increase in body temperature, cold, cough or any symptom of Covid-19. If you find any cause for concern, seek help immediately!
  9. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The Government of India has opened up the vaccines for ages 18 and above (May 1st onward). Remember, you aren’t safe from the virus until you have taken both doses.

In these trying times, support and help each other. And if you’re looking to plan some post-lockdown, covid-19-free activities in Pune, look no further than The Wedding Clinic for all your beauty needs.


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