Give your facials a much-needed upgrade with our medi-facial treatments. Advanced equipment meets expert supervision with procedures formulated by our dermatologists, for a longer lasting effect.

Treat yourself to this indulgent and effective skin care treatment that prevents breakouts, reduces signs of ageing, and leaves you feeling utterly relaxed.

Duration: 120 mins

Oxybalance Facial

Perfect for dehydrated skin that feels dull and lifeless, this facial treatment is like a refreshing drink for your skin. Sit back and relax while we help your skin become supple, smooth, and healthy by retaining its moisture. Our therapists cleanse, exfoliate, and replenish your skin with antioxidants. Perfect for every skin type and issue, we tailor this treatment to best suit your needs.


Hydrates skin

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Four Layered Anti-Ageing Facial

This indulgent Four Layered Anti-Ageing Facial has been awarded the “best facial of the century” by Cosmo UK.As we apply layer upon layer of pure European seaweed mask to your face, followed by a mineral-rich thermal mask, your skin will feel dramatically more toned, firm, and healthy. Go for this if a rejuvenating facial treatment with instant results is what you’re looking for.



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Galvanic Facial

This medi-facial treatment aims to reduce skin cellulite and improve blood circulation. Your face is treated with a combination of gels that cleanse, provide nutrition and redistribute energy to your skin. Suitable for every skin type, it also eliminates excess oil for acne prone skin and maintains moisture.

Aloe gel

Cellulite reduction

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Vitamin Infusion Facial

Achieve best results for anti-ageing with this deeply-penetrative yet non-invasive treatment. If you’re looking for hydrated skin and improved face muscle tone and circulation, without involving a needle, look no further! We customise the treatment based on your skin so it’s perfect for everyone.

Vitamin C


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Biolight Pigmentation Facial

Sensitive skin needs just that little bit extra TLC to overcome dullness. This procedure will gift you a burst of radiance that will make your face glow. Watch your dark spots drastically reduce and your complexion dramatically improve.

Glycolic acid

Reduces pigmentation

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The Future of Facials

Where regular facials fall short, our specially formulated medi-facials are just what you need. Talk to our in-house dermatologist to understand your skin and its needs.

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Au Naturel Facial

Love all things natural? This all-natural skin polishing treatment is made just for you. Infused with chemical-free, herbal ingredients that suit your skin type, this treatment will reduce skin dullness and blotchiness, leaving your skin naturally radiant.

Organic ingredients

Brightens skin

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Glutathione Glow Facial

Skin discolouration putting you off? We bring you
the safest skin lightening treatment. Infused with Glutathione, an all natural amino acid compound, this professional medi-facial will ensure a lighter complexion and smoother skin instantly.


Skin lightening

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Gua Sha Facial

The Gua Sha stone is the skincare miracle worker du jour and not without reason. A professionally executed procedure, like our Gua Sha Facial, helps relieve tension in the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce face bloating. It helps with skin brightening and leaves your skin instantly tighter and smoother.

Gua Sha stone

Lymphatic drainage

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Face Cupping

Cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. This treatment helps relax your facial muscle tension and strengthens skin while stimulating collagen-producing cells and blood circulation. Cupping helps brighten skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in toning your chin and jawline.

Suction cups

Cell regeneration

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