Special procedures

Duration – 180 mins

Wine Therapy-

Welcome to a four step pampering process using wine and grape extracts.  Lie back, relax and let grapes - nature’s anti-oxidants take care of purifying your skin. This ritual includes cleansing, scrubbing, a relaxing massage and face mask/body wrap. Ideal therapy for anti ageing, leaving you well rested and ready to face the day!

Hot Stone Massage 

A natural therapy where hot, sanitised basalt stones are placed on your spine. A perfectly natural solution for your muscular aches and pains, the stones will gently relax your body and improve blood circulation. Go back feeling mentally and physically relaxed!

Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure! Satiate your senses as we cleanse, scrub, massage and wrap your skin with pure chocolate. We promise you that apart from releasing your stress, chocolate has powerful anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and anti-cellulite properties. This therapy will provide intense moisturising to your skin and a satisfied smile on your face.

Coffee Therapy


Who’d have thought coffee was good for more than just chasing away your sleep? It turns out coffee grounds contain powerful anti-oxidants and protect your skin against free radicals, this reducing the risk of skin cancer. Apart from leaving you smelling delicious, this session will tighten your skin pores, exfoliate and fight your wrinkles.

Foot Reflexology   

It’s time to take charge of your health and well being! Our experts at TWC will help you do so by way of applying just the appropriate pressure to specific areas on your feet. These points in turn correspond to different body organs and this session will result in a beneficial effect on your health besides leaving you feeling well and truly relaxed.

Hand Reflexology

Enter a state of total relaxation while we take care of your symptoms like headaches, constipation, stiff shoulders etc. Hands require a deeper and longer pressure preach to be able to stimulate a reflexology point. The set tone is to “relax” and this therapy delivers!

Back Detox

Stress, travelling and sitting at a desk for long hours can cause a stiff back. We understand back pain can be subtle but enough to ruin a day and sometimes even weeks! Well, here is a relaxing massage for the back, scalp & feet, combined with detoxifying marine products that promises to de-stress your muscles and restore your peaceful smile.

Luxury body regime

Relax, indulge and love yourself! Our skin experts believe that this thorough eight step regimen is the way to do it. A meticulous process that starts with Thallasotherapy, then goes on with honey body polish, mylar sheet, sea spa massage bath with body oils and finishes off with a relaxing steam session. Need we say more?

Regular body regime

A trilogy of services designed for thick skinned areas and those stubborn ingrowths. It starts with a Sea Spa Glow to ensure a smooth skin tone via exfoliation. Next comes Thalassotherapy, a seaweed based procedure practised by the Romans. We finish with an oil massage to restore and maintain your skin’s moisture.  

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