Duration – 60 mins

Polishing is an essential part of your beauty regimen targeted at removing blemishes and signs of ageing. It gently exfoliates the superficial dead layers to stimulate growth for a firmer and younger looking skin. Help us empower you with a fair and glowing complexion to rejuvenate your skin!

Diamond skin polishing

A treatment carefully designed to exfoliate and improve your blood circulation. We rub your skin with specially enhanced crystals to effectively omit your dead cells. This process also in turn promotes the growth of new skin cells leaving you with an aura of a healthy glow.

Natural Scrubs

This procedure is designed to appeal to the nature lover in you. According to your skin type, we will meticulously blend chemical free ingredients to gently restore your radiance. Dull and blotchy skin is a thing of the past; go back to your life feeling young and fresh!

Face brushing

A Perfect blend of massage, exfoliation and relaxation. Our skin managers will expertly carry this out to boost your circulation and exfoliate your delicate skin to maximise your skins oxygen intake. Your skin will be healthy and glowing with nothing more than a few strokes of a brush!

Be your own kind
of beautiful