“Peeling is a highly proven technique that enables controlled exfoliation to activate skin regeneration. They contain alpha hydroxy & beta hydroxy acids that help removal of the dead cell layer.”

We will help you choose a peel best suitable for your skin condition to give it a softer & finer texture.

The Aquamarine Relief 

A perfect pampering for your skin that feels dehydrated and dull. While you mentally wind down, our skin managers will work on your skin to help it restore and retain moisture. This peel will leave your face supple and smooth by optimally repairing the epidermis.

The Youthful Opal

We understand how difficult it is to eliminate stress and pollution from your lifestyle. As time goes on, these elements reflect badly on your skin. This peel will help you maintain your skin’s youthful appearance by stimulating collagen formation. 

The Anti-Onyx Regimen

Sleepless nights and tensed atmospheres can quickly result in dark circles. Fret not; we have the perfect solution for your dilemma!  Derived from plant carbohydrates, this is a gentle peel which will eliminate your dark circles by improving hyper-pigmentation.

The Gift of Amber

With your skin as precious as the stone, we understand you’d love to play it safe. Just sit back & relax while our skin managers brush on layers of this magical peel and give you a gentle massage for better penetration & complete relaxation. Experience a radiant complexion after a couple of sessions as your skin gets nourished & oxidised with the nutrients from this peel.

The Sunstone Remedy

 After a relaxing beach holiday or hectic days of running around under the scorching sun, it’s time to look back upon your tanned skin & reverse the damage before its too late. This peel is a meticulous blend of some wonderful skin brightening elements to eliminate your patchy tan marks & sun spots.  It gently eradicates the harmful effects of UV rays leaving your face glowing like a bright ray of sunshine.

The Quartz Glow

This peel has the mother of all anti-oxidants - Glutathione to provide you with the perfect nourishment and revive your long lost glow. It is a great maintenance therapy for young skin as it not only heals but also protects it from environmental damage. Give a boost to your skin’s immunity and watch it glow!

The Golden Mask

Repeated exposure to the scorching sun can leave your skin with fine lines and discolouration. If you find yourself unable to avoid the harsh sunshine, this is the perfect remedy to counterbalance its negative effects. It follows a deep skin resurfacing technique that will be sure to restore your radiance.

The Pearl Fix

We understand the need to play it safe with your skin. This peel will softly moisturize your skin, all the while working to restore its hydration. It consists of carefully mixed natural ingredients perfect for sensitive skin.

The Jade Antidote

It’s finally time to look back upon your wrinkles. This peel has the power to achieve dramatic results on visible signs of ageing. Sit back and watch your fine lines disappear with this optimal concentration of wrinkle repair AHA and BHA exfoliates.

The Coral Relaxation

We have found a secret ingredient to make your skin as smooth as silk-Retinol. This powerful vitamin will increase natural collagen production which will reduce the roughness of your skin. Leave your fine lines behind and walk away with your skin firm and polished.

The Ruby Shine

Cracked lips can be very annoying especially when your skin is too sensitive to be healed with everyday petroleum jelly. This peel is the perfect remedy for dry and discoloured lips, leaving them well hydrated and lightened.

The Ivory Cure

Nothing can be worse than waking up to a pimple on your special day. We have got the ideal fix for you! This acnepeel will work to remove the impurities that cause such outbreaks in the first place. By reducing oiliness, it will also shrink your pores to remove excess sebum restoring faith in your smooth and clear skin.   

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