Nail services

Duration – 120 mins

Luxury Manicure

We believe that there is nothing a fresh manicure cannot fix. Take a peek at our existing manicure set up designed to provide the ultimate pampering to your hands. After several relaxing and moisturizing procedures, we will make sure to complete your look with the perfect nails.

Luxury Pedicure

“A great pedicure can be as soothing to the soul as well, to the sole!”

We have designed our treatment around this quote and we hope you agree. Get into your flip flops or go bare feet to show off your happy feet!

Gel Polish

Too busy to find time for regular manicure-pedicure sessions? We got you covered with our range of gel polish nail colours! All it takes is one short sitting to leave you with a perfect set of nails for weeks on end. After applying a coat of this polish, we set it with UV light to make sure your nails are polished and painted to perfection!

Nail Peel

Never think twice before holding hands with your fiancé! Here is a peel specially designed to provide deep hydration and cleansing to your nails and the skin around it. Cuticles are a thing of the past; we will leave your skin as soft as butter. After this peel, we expect him to never let you go – literally!

Be your own kind
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