UBER Weddings to pamper you before your big Day

It’s the countdown to your D-day and your wedding preparations are in full swing! With a thousand to-do’s ranging from shopping, appointments to dance rehearsals, you don’t get even a minute to catch your breath..

Nuptial Notes - India Today Simply Pune

Stop motion films, time-lapse videos, underwater and drone cinematography are spicing up the traditional wedding photo album. Save-the-date shoots at exotic locations or hidden heritage crannies top the couple's to-do list months before..

LBB Pune - Skin consultations, Facials & more

Wedding Clinic is a multi-speciality advanced aesthetic skin care clinic. The ambience is beautiful with colours of teal, white and gold an ideal get away located within the city.

What Could Be Better?

Aashna Bhagnani visits The Wedding Clinic

Last month my skin broke out immensely because of the constant weather change. I got the facial treatment done at the wedding clinic, since they have a great in house dermatologist. I now realise the importance of sunscreen and removing make..

Rashika Chanchlani reviews The Wedding Clinic

There seems to be a new bubble forming for aesthetic skin care places in Pune, offering a plethora of services. Many of them, however, are purely catching on the bandwagon for the trendy-sake of it, or for the possible earning scope.

Tender Loving Care done right at TWC

Hi Guys, Hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah
Ever since I fell pregnant and all the events that follow after that, taking care of my skin was nowhere on the list

Obviously, there are so many other impo..

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