Medi facial

Medi Facials - Duration – 60 mins

At TWC, we have the expertise and the technology to enhance your regular facial treatments.  With the help of peels and laser machines, we will doubly reinforce this treatment to penetrate your skin’s layers for a better and longer lasting effect. We recommend this procedure as the perfect skin care session to help you relax, prevent bacterial breakouts also combat anti-ageing signs.

4 step Mesoporation

Our skin experts have carefully curated a four step procedure that prepares your skin for optimal reception of the Mesoporation therapy. This is an innovative and effective method that results in maximum anti ageing success. It allows for deep penetration into your skin for a fast metabolic activation all done without a needle in sight! The whole process has been designed for better and faster hydration, muscle tone and circulation.

Galvanic Facial

This meticulous treatment aims at getting rid of skin cellulite while also improving blood circulation. Your face is treated with a combination of gels that first cleanse, provide nutrition and then redistribute energy throughout your skin. Suitable for every skin type, it also eliminates excess oil for acne prone skin and restores moisture.

Carbon Facial

Here is a natural and non-invasive therapy to promote the well being and natural anti ageing of your skin.  As we inject molecules of carbon dioxide in your skin, its oxygen absorption ability and blood flow effectively increases. It is scientifically proven to reduce and breakdown cellulite along with naturally calming your nerves.

Blue light facial

This is a safe, gentle and non-invasive treatment that is customised to suit your skin type. It gradually increases blood circulation and promotes the growth of new cells. We recommend this therapy for acne prone skin and anti wrinkle treatments.

Glutathione facial

Feeling a little low because of your skin discolouration? We've got the safest skin whitening treatment for you. Glutathione, an all natural amino acid compound will ensure a lighter, smoother and more touchable skin with this facial.


We have the perfect six-step solution to rid your skin of any signs of ageing, sagginess, discolouration, enlarged pores and congestion. Trust in our skin managers to repeatedly cleanse, exfoliate and replenish your skin with powerful anti-oxidants while you sit back and enjoy. We recommend this treatment for everybody; rest assured we will specially tailor this treatment to your skin type.

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