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Dr Sonia Teckchandani

Who better than an experienced bride to doctor our advanced injectable treatments? Dr Sonia Tekchandani is the founder of our mother brand Tender Skin Clinics & Cosmetology Academy India & UAE. Years of being a course director, internationally certified Laser consultant and author qualifies her as the perfect medical professional to safely take you through advanced procedures. What we are sure you’d be excited about is her strong belief in Women Empowerment and the positive energy she brings with her presence.

Vampire Facial – 90 mins

The only scary thing about this facial is the ease with which you get such glowing results.  After carefully cleansing and preparing your skin, our managers will inject growth factors from your plasma into your face to stimulate collagen to make your skin smoother and clearer. Rest assured our experts will not let you feel more than a little prick, a tiny sacrifice for skin that’s never looked so good before!

Face lift in a bottle – 60 mins

Never think twice before laughing, we’ve got it covered! Commonly known as Botox, this procedure targets your expressions lines - crow’s feet, jowls, frown lines, horizontal lines on your forehead etc. Our skin managers will expertly inject your muscles with a toxin to reduce activity which will gradually get rid of your creases. Over a period of 8-10 months, we will prove our commitment to removing any signs of stress from your face.

Dermal Filler – 60 mins

Ever wondered if Photoshop magic could be real? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! With our derma filler procedure, you can plump out any area you please. It is a semi-permanent treatment that can be moulded as per your aesthetic requirement. Whether it is to correct your lip line or to make your lips pouty, we are here to advice and execute your dreams!

Meso Glow – 60 mins

Here is a holistic treatment to take care of your skin. Meso Glow activates your skin’s natural wound healing process which in turn rejuvenates it and wards of signs of ageing. It will also take care of scarring and even out your skin’s texture and tone. A quick procedure with almost immediate effects; let your glow speak for itself!

Meso Lift – 60 mins

Tired of your sagging skin and ready to take action against it? Here is a perfectly natural and safe procedure that delivers vitamins, minerals and proteins directly to your skin. This will in turn stimulate your metabolism and increase blood circulation. Say goodbye to ashen complexions it’s time for your skin to look well rested and radiant!

Thread Lift – 90 mins

Here is a perfect solution against facial aging and prolonged solar exposure. Trust in our skin experts to skilfully lift and hold your sagging muscles using special threads. This is a safe and ideal procedure targeting loose muscles around the cheeks, jaw line and neck. You will notice the results of these magical threads almost immediately.

Slimming and weight loss

Everyone wants to loose those extra kilos and inches to fit into that perfect dress on your special day. As we all know weight loss is a slow and difficult process, we at TWC help you make this journey smooth by following some easy tips by our diet experts. No crash dieting, no instant weight loss. Simple diet and a few fat burning massage techniques to get in the perfect shape for your perfect day.

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