Laser hair removal

If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Pune has some of the most premium clinics that offer safe and effective skin treatments. 

The Wedding Clinic offers you advanced aesthetic skin treatment in Pune. We’re revolutionising the way you think about skin care and offer you procedures that are safe and deliver results.

From laser hair removal to permanent skin health, we have the latest cutting-edge technology in place to get you to your best self. All our offerings are suitable for all skin types and do more than just getting rid of your hair. Experience the ultimate skin softening, glowing, exfoliation and detoxification with our innovative skin treatments. 


Our laser facial hair removal cost is quite affordable – and an investment you’d like to make for your skin in the long run. Give us a call to book your first appointment now!

How many times have cursed the need for regular painful visits to your local parlour to be waxed and threaded? We want you to be a modern woman juggling your priorities - we've got your looks covered! Let us plan out your laser hair removal sessions where our skin managers will focus beams of highly concentrated light on your hair follicles for permanent reduction. Never think twice before wearing a dress, a cute sleeveless top or even attending a party last minute!


Laser Hair Removal in Pune

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