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The Wedding Clinic prides itself on being a premium hair treatment clinic in Pune. Built on the foundations of cutting-edge technology and future-ready science, we believe in only the best when it comes to taking care of your hair. After all, you wear it every day. 

So, if you’re looking for an effective hair loss treatment in Pune, you’ve found the right place. Rest assured, we curate the best hair specialists in Pune, and source exclusive products from around the world to give you an experience your tresses deserve! 

Finding the right hair treatment can be an intimidating affair. Busy schedules and constant hustling can often come in the way of the various treatments the city has on offer. This is why, our packages are designed to suit every need, so you can pick the one best matched your lifestyle. 

Finding the right hair treatment can be an intimidating affair. Busy schedules and constant hustling can often come in the way of the various treatments the city has on offer. This is why, our packages are designed to suit every need, so you can pick the one best matches your lifestyle. 

The most effective hair loss treatment is one that is often are customised to your particular needs. At The Wedding Clinic, we conduct a complimentary evaluation of your scalp. We then recommend a treatment plan with the aim of boosting hair growth and achieving results. 

So, here you go. Pick the right hair treatment that’s just right for you!

Duration – 45 – 60 mins

Anti - Dandruff Peel

Have you had enough with the flaky white flurries falling off your scalp? We have a peel that takes action on the resistant dandruff, in turn carrying out exfoliation to eliminate them completely.   

Blue Light

Suffering from thinning hair or pattern baldness? We’ve got just the therapy for you! Using low level laser therapy, we will increase the blood flow to your scalp to stimulate your metabolism. A clean, painless and quick therapy to restoring your full head of hair!

Anti – Hair fall Treatment

Hair fall can be a result of a combination of stress, diet, pollution etc. Try as we might, these factors cannot be eliminated from our lives but something certainly can be done to counter its effects.  We use a fusion of PRP & micro needling to infuse hair growth factors. Trust in us to increase your hair volume and never think twice before letting your hair down.

Laser Scalp Rejuvenation

Is your hair looking sparse and thinner than usual? Maybe it is time for you to stimulate your hair growth. Our experts will deliver laser energy to your hair follicles to stimulate the vessel that promote hair growth. A completely painless therapy that takes wakes your dormant hair follicles into action!

Hair loss can be a challenging battle to fight. Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique that targets the right materials right around your hair follicles. This in turn stimulates the blood circulation making it possible for the follicle to grow and survive. A widely used therapy with known success, rest assured that you are going back with happier, healthier and denser hair.

No Needle Mesoporation

We sympathize with needle-phobics and would like them to have good hair too! So we bring to you an injection free mesotherapy that works on your hair follicles to stimulate growth. Technology has made it possible to make this procedure completely painless and we are glad to promote it!
Plant Stem Cell Injections

This therapy with a Swiss-Italian origin is considered as the best treatment or hair thinning. It fights five signs of hair thinning namely- scanty hair, decreased volume, lack of hair growth, decreased density and hair loss.  Research shows that this non-invasive treatment improves growth of existing hair by 85%.


PRP is a proactive therapeutic option for patients experiencing hair loss. It is an all-natural non surgical procedure that stimulates hair growth via tissue regeneration and healing. A completely safe and proven technique and we are sure you will agree with us too!


Here is a therapy perfectly suitable for all types and stages of hair loss. It is an incredible non-surgical treatment where natural pigments are applied to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. Go back with a younger and more confident hairline!

Add ons -

Duration – 30 mins

Hair Spa

We believe your hair needs a day at the spa too! Our experts will first analyze your hair type and then help you select a suitable pack for you. Lie back and relax while we take your hair through massages and deep conditioning sessions to restore its lost moisture. Leave rest assured that your tresses are shiny and well protected from everyday pollutants.

Head Massage

Time spent getting a massage is never wasted! And when the massage is administered by our skin managers to increases blood circulation and boosts your hair growth, it is as good as it gets. A relaxing and de-stress therapy that promises a blissful you.  

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