Body treatments

The Wedding Clinic is an advanced skin care clinic in Pune. 

From acne to skin pigmentation and more, bid all your skin woes goodbye with treatments that are customised just for you. 

If you’re looking for an expert skin treatment in Pune, it’s time you pay us a visit. Our clinic is equipped with world-class technology and backed by scientifically-proven procedures. To top it off, our expert professionals ensure you have the best self-care experience in our skin care clinic. 

We offer one of the most effective skin whitening treatment in Pune. Apart from that, you’ll find all our procedures are result-driven and put the safety first. After an initial free assessment, a skin treatment that is suitable to your skin will be recommended to you.

Arrange a consultation with our skin specialist in Pune today. Let us help you inspire better skin for greater confidence. 

Duration – 180 to 240 mins

Peeling & Polishing

Body Peeling

At TWC, we give your body the same care that we do your face. Our peels will gently exfoliate the first layer of your skin to revel a newer and younger looking skin underneath. Our experts will carefully select ingredients to form a peel best suited to your skin to make sure you get the most of this pampering session.

Body Shine

Your body deserves to shine like a diamond and only a diamond deserves to do it! Our skin managers will meticulously run diamond particles over your body to softly exfoliate and thus restore the shine to your skin. The increased blood circulation will leave you feeling rejuvenated, promise! 

Natural Scrubs

Here is something to appeal to the nature lover in you! We are going green and chemical free with our body scrubs. According to your skin type, we will blend together just the right elements to create a scrub for not just your body but for the overall wellbeing.

Body brushing

Brushing is a highly proven therapy carried out to utterly relax and exfoliate your skin. As the brush of the bristles gently massages your body, it also takes care of exfoliation and increased blood circulation. With these brushes, we’ve mastered the art of exfoliation- so sit back, relax and watch the magic unfold.

Laser Glow

Looking for something to reverse skin damage caused due to the sun or age? Here is a quick and gentle way of dealing with these imperfections on your skin. We use light pulses to smoothen your complexion and restore its natural glow.


A technique perfected for cellulite removal and weight loss. By carefully creating micro channels to induce various vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids & minerals that ensure skin tightening and take care of your stretch marks and pigmentations.  We recommend it as an anti-ageing skin treatment too!

Glutathione IV – 30 mins

The safest and most effective way to a lighter skin tone – glutathione! This natural treatment involves administering Glutathione via IV to be able to deposit it evenly throughout your body. It is a healthy procedure that also takes care of anti-ageing signs and works as an anti-oxidant on your skin.

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