The Pre-Bridal wedding checklist - Part 2
  • 27-06-2017
  • By: The Wedding clinic

While part one showcased the larger aspects you can focus on at least 6 months before your wedding, this edition will help you with more intimate ways of preparing yourself before getting hitched. There’s a lot that needs to be done and No! You should not be the one doing it. The first and foremost thing you can do as a bride/groom is to delegate all the work to the people who are helping you out.

Let’s focus on you, shall we?

As tempting as this sounds it’s going to be something you will have to work on, De-stressing is the best way to be calmer, fitter and level headed among all the chaos and never ending things to be done for the wedding.
 - If you work better alone find out about yoga/fitness classes at a convenient time for yourself and if you’re more of the person who needs some company grab your bestie so the both of you can work on looking Fab at your wedding.
- Everyday at least for 30 minutes find solitude, you need these minutes of peace to literally not think about anything and work on calming yourself down, this time is also perfect to clear doubts from your mind – Meditate.

2)      Unwind
Make a checklist of whatever needs to be done if the event you went off the grid. I know you’re getting married and not preparing to settle in the Alps but you need some time to bond with your near and dear ones before you life changes.
- Dinners and drinks with the bridesmaids is the perfect way to spend some quality time with the girls in the last days of your singlehood.
- Plan a trek with your best man, some bonding could help you clear your mind and feel relaxed
- A family getaway/ a mom and me trip or a weekend with your fiancé – try your best to avoid discussing table settings and food menu for in wedding at these trips, find something that excited both and parties and have a great time.


    You and I – Get to know your partner better
couple therapy can be really interesting and exciting when you’re trying to bond with your partner before the changes in your life with marriage.
- Trust in a relationship is vital, you’ve taken to decision to tie the knot so this exercise should be easy, if it’s not it will certainly make your bond grow stronger. Try working out together, you can be great motivators for one another and trying something you haven’t done before could bring novelty in your relationships.
- Blind-fold yoga – You can do this only if you have complete faith in your better half, knowing that he/she will be your eyes and ears throughout the session is remarkable. Blind fold exercises build a lot of trust, go for a couple of sessions say twice a week and see if it helps.
- learn an intimate form of dance – Now one of you may not like this idea but it could be a really fun way to spend time with each other, you never know you might just be looking forward for the next session.

  Checklist -
This is the time to start the planning
- if you’re hiring a wedding planner – now is the time to shortlist from the one’s you’d chosen and talk it out with them, your requirements, head count and budget.
- Create a checklist to show you whatever needs to be done for the wedding – from invitations, venue, food, photographers to Mehendi artists and more.
- remember to make a separate checklist for the bride, that’s you. You need a lot of focus and accept all the help you get, do not try to make it a one women show. This period will be an emotional one for you and all the love and help you receive graciously accept it. Make a list of things like
clothes, shoes, jewellery and everything else you need just for you.

Your wedding should be as much fun for YOU as for the guests attending it, so don’t go overboard trying to be a perfectionist. It is an occasion everyone is there to enjoy and to bless the new couple, so do not worry about the judgments and gossips but focus on living your moment by being present in it!




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