6 months Pre-wedding chaos care - Step 1
  • 27-06-2017
  • By: The Wedding clinic

 Detox Inside-out - 

If you’re a bride to be you could use a lot of love both for your skin outside and also cleanse for the system inside. Start at least 6 months before your special day for a deep cleanse, choose healthy smoothies or fresh fruits/juices over packed ones and over colas. Timely facials and cleansing will help clean the pores and keep them healthy and radiant on the wedding day.


-          The Full Body Detox – Medi – facials and body therapy will be taken care of by skincare managers at The Wedding clinic, dedicated managers for you will guide you through the treatments and help you understand what will suit you best.

Care for your hair – 
 You want your locks to look beautiful we’re sure, care is utmost important. Specially in the months leading up to the wedding nourishing your hair, oiling it regularly, going for your hair spa appointments, no matter what length you want, trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends and damaged hair. Most of all get hair oiled and a head massage by a professional, amidst all the work surrounding you for the big day don’t let the stress get to your hair.


-          Hair therapy and more at @The wedding clinic with treatments for hair fall and dandruff, the hair spa and absolutely soulful head massage will leave you wanting for more.

Fit and fitter – 
It’s always a good time to get fit and healthy and the months leading up to the wedding is a perfect time to join a stress busting Zumba class or a fitness studio for hard core cardio. This is more than just about fitting perfectly in your wedding dress, exercising your body and mind keeps you healthy, keeps illness at bay and most of all is a couple hours of ‘me time’ where you are not stressing about wedding stuff. Make sure you are able to get this happy place for yourself every day.


-          Slimming and guidance with routines and food guides to help you live a healthy and fresh lifestyle, TWC will be by your side through it all.

Waxing and more – 
Most of us have our 2wice a week shaving routines for our nether regions and once in 20 days waxing appointments on a regular basis. Well this for sure is a good idea, staying neat and clean is the way to go. You want to be fully prepared and look your most glamorous self on the big day, opt for Laser therapy instead; this saves time, needs to happen once a month and eventually slows down the growth and thickness of hair. Among everything and more that you have to do for the Upcoming wedding waxing appointments are not something you need to be worrying about.


-          Laser hair removal trial @499 at TWC will give you the feel and assurance of how this treatment can help you and of course special packages for brides/bridesmaids. 

Be your own kind
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