Is your Skin and Hair Monsoon ready?
  • 21-06-2017
  • By: The Wedding Clinic

 Oh! How we love the rains, the aroma of the wet mud and breezy winds cancelling out the warm. Rains always look like a Boon after the scorching heat. While most of us may be fond of Monsoon and its vibe, we do face tremendous hardships towards our skin and hair.

Frizzy hair problems and bad hair days are known to us all, enjoying the first rains of the season and then developing acne is again something most of you can relate too.

If you Love Monsoon remember it is the kind of weather where you need to love your skin too, it needs utmost care in this particular season.

Here are some easy steps to follow that the team @TWC abide by –

1)      Sunscreen is forever -
Always remember that Sunscreen is your friend – Rain or no Rain, the sun can reveal itself from behind the clouds at anytime. Sunscreen does the beautiful job of protecting your skin. If you’re scared about using it during the monsoons, go for a waterproof sunscreen and one that suits your skin type so by the end of the day your face doesn’t feel  greasy.

Tip -If tanning is a problem that you have been facing for a while, get in touch for a custom made treatment plan for an Anti-Tan regime at The Wedding Clinic.


1)      Hydrate –

By this I really do not mean the rain water, as much as you may love the rain drops on your skin it plays a big role in accumulating dirt and oil in your pores. Drinking 6-7 glasses of water during the day helps keep your skin clean and glowing.

Tip – carry a mild Facewash (soap free) to cleanse your face twice a day or whenever needed. If you have combination skin or leaning towards oily come in for an Aquamarine relief facial @TWC.

2)      Say No to cosmetics –
During the rains, skin and hair are damaged easily, while we may love taking a walk while its breezy and chilly outside; this usually leads to a humid climate that in turn leads to dryness for the dry skin type and breakouts for the oily skin type. It’s recommended to go with little or no make-up in the monsoon, all natural and nude could be your look for the season. 

1)      The Hair Stories –

Yes! We know and we feel for you and all the women out there who absolutely loose it when the rains come around. Well, it’s not much of a task to manage your hair in monsoons, cleanliness is the Key. If your hair gets wet in the rains always wash them and clean the scalp well so as to avoid dandruff and avoid from oil and dirt settling in. You may be shampooing more than often in this season so switch to a mild shampoo, less chemicals and pure cleansing agent, and if it suits your hair do not forget to condition as the humidity could leave your hair frizzy and tangled.

Tip – Care for your hair, it is one of the most important factors that can change a look completely. Healthy hair is the goal during monsoons. If you are suffering from hair fall or the rains are causing too much dandruff to form call us for a solution @The wedding clinic.


2)      Be Smart with fashion –

‘Comfortable’ is the best trend  to follow in the rainy season – Say hello to Capri’s and Cotton blouses and Say no to Denims, keep in mind to keep aside your heels and boots for a while and enjoy comfortable living with floaters , sandals and sneakers.  A colorful funky Umbrella to go with the ensemble would spruce up your entire look.


Tip – Don’t be shy of Halters and Bermuda’s in this season, hair-free and smooth skin with full body Laser hair removal custom made packages for brides and more @ The wedding clinic.

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