The Bridal Cafe
  • 30-04-2017
  • By: The Wedding clinic

An Introduction to The wedding clinic, - Welcome to A place where you can sit back, relax and pamper your skin.

Amidst the craziness and chaos of the world we often forget that our body needs care. Whether you’re a corporate woman or a home maker, a passionate chef or a social activist, a bride or a bride to-be J we all but need to feel beautiful from within. Always remember to shine some love on your skin.

From Medical-facials, laser treatments to chic nail art, we have it all and now so can you.

Here are some tips to follow for the everyday woman, especially if you’re a bride-to be.

1)    1) Hydrate – This one in particular is a very important point. The most love you can give your skin among the dress samples, decorators and cake artists is ‘Water’. Drink a lot of fluids always, specially the days leading up to the special day.

For better results come in for a Hydra Facial at The wedding clinic – this will clear your skin, open up the pores and deep cleanse.

2)     Ever-ready – IF you’re getting hitched in India, you have a lot to look forward to. More than the rituals a lot of celebration will come your way. Be enthusiastic and have that bridal glow on your face. If you’re a bride, bride-to be, bridesmaid or related to the bride/groom you need to be ever ready to pick up invitees form the airport, take them around to the happening places in town too.

3)     Laser hair removal – Taking care of your skin/look is very important specially when you’re running around to finish tasks for the wedding and making your regular trips to the parlor just doesn’t fit in the schedule.

Ready to go with The Wedding clinic’s laser hair removal, also opt for Hair and Makeup facilities to save time from running to the salons at the last minute.

4)     Pamper your Nails – Yes, you will realize around the time of the wedding that just like your hair your nails need to visit the spa too. Some chic nail art can highlight the entire look. Get it done right before the celebrations or simply for the love of it. J

5)    Packages – Last but not the least, spend time with your family and friends, enjoy every task so it doesn’t feel like one. Smile, a lot. Keep your cool and be generous. As rushed the time may feel it would surely be an experience to remember.

We welcome you to the bridal café @ the Wedding clinic for some
much needed pampering. Mother daughter, sisters, and bridesmaids,
One and all are invited to throw a small bachelorette here to spend some quality time together or simply walk in for some alone time with our elite hair/body and skin treatments.

Be your own kind
of beautiful