A Drink for your Skin - The Aquamarine Relief
  • 01-09-2017
  • By: The Wedding Clinic

 While we can’t emphasize enough on the point that one must always hydrate this itself is of utmost importance for your skin as well. With the lifestyle, food and sleep routine we follow in our fast pace lives many factors affect our health and immunity. Hydrating simply keeps our system clean and clear from impurities, a Detox helps well for your system to rid you of general everyday ails.

Some tips would be to eat fresh food, avoid stale and packaged food as much as possible. Liquid is your friend – fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices helps keep skin, hair, and even nails strong. These help detox internally now let’s talk about how you can cleanse your skin and hair externally.

The Aquamarine Relief is a Medi-Facial that does the perfect task of hydrating your skin for you performs a set of steps to rejuvenate and give you a glow

1. Cleanse
This step is as important as any – this step helps in removing any make up that you might be already wearing and clean your face thoroughly. This gets rid of all the chemicals from the makeup and pollution from outdoors.

Tips – always check if the person attending you is wearing sterile gloves and a mouth mask, check if cleanliness is maintained around your therapy area.

2.  Hydra -
Hydra is a procedure where water/rose water is sprayed directly on your skin which opens up the pores and deep cleanses them. The Water is sprayed with a lot of force with helps the skin rid of all impurities and cleans the pores from within. The next step would be a test patch, this is extremely vital as everybody’s skin type is different and not all elements may suit you. Once the doctor gives you a test patch and it shows good results we go ahead with the Peel/Cream.

Tip – its more than essential to always experience a patch test first, make sure your skin manager is always letting you know the peel/cream/serum they are using and start with giving you a patch test to see it suits you or not

3. Microdermabrasion – After your face has been cleansed, the MDA machine will be going for your dead skin, and the diamond tips will help removing the stubborn black heads that have been accumulated because of oil, dust and pollution stuck within your pores. This Step feels like the machine is sucking all the dirt out from your skin.

Tip – If you’re going in for a Medi-Facial for the first time feel free to ask questions, you need to be aware of what is being applied on your skin and why. Your Skin managers will be more than happy to help J

4. Electroporation -
Once you’re all relaxed and your face has been cleared of all the dirt and oil, at this point your pores are open we go ahead and apply serums to rid you of your specific concern and hydrate you skin - different serums are applied basis your concern example – acne, pigmentation, scars etc. This is followed by massage – both manual and machine (the benefits of the machine is that the steps used gives you a mild sensation of heat and cold respectively which helps penetrate the medicines into your skin)

Tip – During a medi-facial you are requested to keep your eyes closed and talk minimum, this is because certain medicines are applied also this is your time to relax. But be vocal if you need to and make sure that your skin manager is aware of any sensation you feel incase it is bothering.

5. Mask /Pack -
The Final step of this Medi-Facial would be to apply a pack/mask to rejuvenate your skin and calm it down after all the procedures. A mud-mask, wine pack, acne mask – something that helps you rid of your concern.

Tip – The mask/pack that is applied will be kept for 10-15 minutes, ask your therapists to stay around so that in case of any irritation or sensation you can reach out to them.

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