TWC tips if you are getting married in monsoons
  • 25-08-2017
  • By: A Pre Wedding Guide

1) Venue - You may not know this but monsoons are beautiful to get married in, especially when it comes to venues - a little secret there sister you might get most venues at really budget friendly cost because of the rains and not many events happening on those grounds/banquets and more. Some things to keep in mind while booking a place for a monsoon wedding would be to make sure you’re able to get a place that if is open has a shaded area as well , a waterproof stage/Mandap or elevated and safe from the water.

Tips for your skin and hair if you’re getting married out in the open in the monsoon – the humidity may get to you so even though it’s your big day ask the artist to go with a powder form instead of liquid foundation as it won’t run all over your face, also try out some funky neon colors instead of the regular pink and red. This pleasant weather makes the perfect background for some colors.

2) Invitations –

Getting your invitations and RSVP’s early are a good idea if you’re having a monsoon wedding, mostly as most of the companies will give you vague excuses for not being able to deliver them. Rain’s; as beautiful as they can be are the reason for some procrastination to set in the air as well. Getting RSPV’s are also important as you can make seating, food and other arrangement beforehand especially considering the weather.

3) Food –

The heavenly aroma of the soil and pouring rain making the weather chilly and cool is making this a really romantic setting to get married in, unfortunately this season demands a lot of caution around food and beverages. Some useful tips would be to keep fresh food available at the ceremonies, live counters, fresh fruits and juices and other food items prepared on the same day. Also make sure you regulate the quantity so as to avoid wastage.

Tips for the Bride/Groom to be – Getting hitched during this season means you should be taking care of your health, diet, fitness routine and most importantly skin. Breakouts and similar concerns are very common but you can avoid this by following a balanced diet and staying hydrated (especially when you’re on the move)

4) Attire + footwear –

If you’re going in for the ethnic look play with the colors, don’t be afraid to be adventurous, you’re going to be enjoying your big day in the most romantic season. Let's pick up an outfit that makes you feel every bit as gorgeous as you are. With the windy climate and rains try and avoid light /bright colors, something pastel or blended colors would suit best. Coming to the footwear, while you should always select a pair that brings comfort especially on the day when you’re going to be standing a lot and greeting everyone personally. To make the smile on your face you need to wear something that does not kill your feet. If you’re comfortable in heels you could opt for them (thicker in size and not very long, remember; rains!) if not go for wedges if it goes well with your outfit or jutti’s (they really look classy with everything)

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