The Pre Wedding Shenanigans - the final part!
  • 12-07-2017
  • By: The Wedding Clinic

Cancel the clutter

One of the first things to do when you’ve decided to get hitched is ‘cancel the clutter’, start over with your wardrobe, accessories and all the little things that have been on your nightstand, the shelves of your dressing table and the stacks of books in the little compartment hidden under the bed. This is the perfect time to free you-self from any clutter, the clothes, shoes, bags, books and more can be given to your sisters or friends as memories. We’re sure you have those LBD’s that your sisters have had an eye on for a while and those bags and books that make awesome gifts, this is the time when these aren’t considered hand me downs but loving and memorable little things. Remember to dispose any you absolutely do not want to keep.


Date with your wedding planner –

Just check and recheck one last time that everything you wanted is in place or not. You know that you won’t have the time and last minute changes are not something you are looking forward to. Let’s start with the flowers, music, table settings, invites / RSVP’s and importantly the food. Do not worry about the pounds; some time with cake is much needed at this point J  make sure to lend a ear to the person planning everything for you and trying to a make it exactly what you visualize it to be, there will be barriers be prepared and work together towards the big day. 


Sort out work –

For an independent girl/woman to get married in this day and age is a job in itself. Getting all affairs in order before plunging into the family vacations and innumerable ceremonies is vital.  A week or two before your leave begins answer all the unanswered/pending emails you have, let everyone in the work place know that you’re going to be unavailable and that you will be reachable only in case of urgency/emergency at a specific number (make sure it’s not yours), let the people who need to know - know that you won’t be around and will dip your feet back into the ‘busy work life’ after a while.


Be in your own shoes –

 Literally! Its super important to try on your wedding Attires and shoes, emphasis on the plural forms specially if your an Indian Bride, with the number of ceremonies and get together planned for you the one thing you need amidst it all is comfort, as you would be spending most of your time being the center of attention/standing/greeting everybody. Try on your attires and shoes so you know they are not uncomfortable on the days you have to carry them for long hours.


Maid of honor

Your Maid of honor is that  gal pal without whom you’ve scrapbooked about everything you want at your wedding, r just someone who become your soul sister overtime J this is the right time to go on a picnic with your bridesmaids and have that heart to heart for the last time as a spinster. Share all the time you can with her as you know how different its going to be once you’re ‘married’. Choose something calming that can allow more time for girls to talk, a spa retreat, a yoga or meditation camp with your Maid of honor or bridesmaids. 

Be your own kind
of beautiful