To, The to be Bride...

Love at first sight, is what you will experience when you walk into The Wedding Clinic! A place where you witness your wedding dream come true!

Here, you will meet two women, Payal & Dr. Shaili, who have recently been in your shoes & who have put together this warm & gorgeous setting especially for the bride to be.

Payal, after her brief stint with celebrity management and an entrepreneurial program with ISB is currently in-charge of running a cosmetic - dermatology clinic & an academy set up in Mumbai. The idea of TWC struck her & her to be partner just six months before their own wedding when they were going absolutely crazy prioritizing their wedding checklist.

They knew two things for sure, one that it would called The Wedding Clinic & that it would be a bride-exclusive space focused on skin care but not just limited to that. A place that understands the positivity that comes with feeling beautiful from within & without. From expert advice to real life bride experiences, a place that would aim to help you achieve the confidence that is required to face this emotionally charged transition. 

However, for this idea to take a concrete form needed more than just a dream! And like the popular saying goes, “ there is always a right place & right time for everything”

This is when Payal met Shaili...

Shaili, being a doctor and a young mother had her own perspective on this space for brides. She and her husband reminisced their wedding and the months leading up to it. It was an emotionally charged period in their lives. A time they remembered fondly, but which was splattered with stressful memories too. Looking back, they would have done certain things differently. Shaili wished there was somebody who would have reminded her of that. She wanted to be that somebody for other brides to be. 

She also shared the same enthusiasm as Payal and resonated the passion about the idea of The Wedding Clinic. She strongly believed that in this entire wedding planning chaos, the unending stereotypes, the plethora of options to choose from, the trivial things take over the more important ones.

The Wedding Clinic is that one place where you unwind, de-stress & enjoy your own wedding journey. We will lay out all possible information you need to plan your wedding, right from your bachelorette to your honeymoon! Whilst you go through our journals & expert talks, we will ensure you have the most flawless skin you deserve on your very special day!


TWC your own kind of beautiful.

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